Better Lettering Course : Finding my Favorite Tools, Techniques, & Styles

Last month I enrolled in the Better-Lettering Course from MadeVibrant.  The month of August is over. Long gone. Finished. All 31 of my daily entries are also done, lettered, and posted on Instagram. NOW I’m trying to do, what for me, is the hard part. I hope to SHARE my experiences, explain my insights, thoughts, and inspiration behind each piece so that you can be motivated to CREATE your own! 🙂 One lesson I learned from writing this post, is to take time for your creative self no matter how hectic your life is at the moment. It is important to take a break, and create!! That’s a lesson I STILL need to learn, anyways;)

I mentioned in a blog post outlining Week 1 of the BetterLettering course, that one of the coolest aspects of this course was the daily Instagram postings by my classmates. It was inspiring and motivating to get to see other people’s work, their unique styles, and personal techniques. In this post, I am sharing my entries from Week 2. Each entry represents the topic for that day of the month. See the post from last week which has the entire chart with the daily topics. I hope you ENJOY!

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Entry for Day 8 in the #betterletteringchallenge

Entry for “reach” in the #betterletteringchallenge

[Day 8 : REACH] : The topic for Day 8 was “reach” and I chose the quote, “Reach for the Stars!” because, well, I was feeling very positive and hopeful and decided my entry should reflect my mood:) I wanted my entry to mimic the night sky and that is how I chose the color scheme. I used navy, silver, yellow and gold accents and tried one of the techniques introduced by Caroline @ MadeVibrant in the lesson I focused on that day. I added caps, in the form of stars and arrows, onto the ends of some of the serifs. As I was brainstorming, I wanted the arrows to imitate reaching towards the sky — extending yourself, striving for goals, and reaching past limits. I just randomly chose the letters to add caps to based on what looked balanced to me.

Day 10 Entry : STRETCH

Day 10 Entry : STRETCH

[Day 10 : STRETCH] “Stretch” was the prompt for day 10 and I sketched this one out pretty fast. Sometimes, I might make changes in a photo app or illustrator [like the photo, above, from Day 8]. But making most of my changes and edits on the page in front of me is how I create best. For “Stretch” I drew the letters really big to fit the 8’10 page in my sketchbook and added a curly cue line stretching above and below that makes your eye scan from one side of the page to the other. I like the way the letters in “stretch” look like they’re trying to reach the margins of the page and how the lettering layout fits the prompt!! It worked! 🙂

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost

[DAY 11 : CERTAINTY] I read the August challenge topics the first day and started brainstorming ideas for entries. There was about 3-4 topics I read that knew right away the quote or poem I wanted to use. For most of the topics, I ended up scrolling through Pinterest, pinning some quotes and poems to our “Words of Wisdom board … reading a few D.I.Y. projects and crafting ideas, admiring some cute tops aaannnnddd basically getting distracted for an hour or two. That’s how it goes:) While the inspiration for “certainty” came really quick, I’m not a huge fan of this one. The quote is from one of my very favorite Robert Frost poems. love teaching the poem to my 7th graders. It is a challenge but in the end, we have so much fun picking it apart line by line and figuring out the meaning of the poem, like a puzzle.

I tried a new technique on the line from “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” called — block lettering. It was okay but I definitely need more practice on drawing a block or shape and lettering inside it. I found it a little constraining but want to try more soon. I found the old Stamp-Graph machine and went a little crazy with the gold foil:) Those of you who’ve used one know it can be a little addicting. I included the link if you want to see what one is–it can do some pretty cool things if you like crafting.


Entry for Day 12: AWE

[DAY 12 :  Awe] : The topic for this day was “Awe” or wonder, and when I saw this quote on Pinterest, I knew I had to use it for one of my entries. “Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time!”  by Scott Stabile. I really had fun drawing the moons and stars and giving this piece a celestial, whimsical look!

[Day 14 : RISK] Soooooo, I apparently got super busy towards the end of this week. Now, thinking back, I’m remembering packages of vintage lights arriving and I spending a lot of time planning house renovation stuff. While I skipped a few days this week, I did take creative time for myself to letter an entry for “risk” which just happens to be one of my favorite entries 🙂 Maybe that should tell me something–take a break, and create! I used a quote by John Green, “I go to seek a great perhaps.” I love John Green, if you’ve not read one of his books yet, please do. His writing is amazing! I did a highway theme for this one, imagining traveling, road trips, packing up your car and taking off to follow your dreams and leaving it all behind you— I think the quote means take a risk and go on a journey–even if you don’t know where it will take you!